Originally aired Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Episode 1: 3 Ways to Own Your Power & Reinvent on Your Terms

1- Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to change them. It’s important to acknowledge and act when change is necessary. By keeping your head in the sand and ignoring the changing world around you, you risk being obsolete. There are signs everywhere. Pay attention and don’t let ego get in the way.
2- Look for ways to enhance your brand by adding (or subtracting) products, services and/or processes. When you identify areas of weakness, get in front of it before customers abandon you. That way the changes aren’t forced, but a logically progression. Divorce your heart from business decisions. Never make decisions from a place of emotion because emotions make you hang on to things longer than their shelf life. That can damage your company and the bottom line.
3- Get really clear about why you’re reinventing. Reinvention happens for many reasons. Sometimes planned, sometimes forced. The more you understand why you need to change, the easier the transition will be for you, your company and your customers. When you’re clear, you can articulate the reasons, the message and the strategy so that others will be on board with you. Make sure you align with key influencers who can help usher in this transition by exposing you to an expanded audience.
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