Originally aired Saturday, August 13, 2016.

Episode 5: Avoid the Money Pit Syndrome- Investors Won’t Throw Good Money Into Bad Companies

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1- Being obsolete is a danger to your bottom line. As Monster found out, when you dominate in your field from early, you get comfortable and lazy. When you see competitors coming up behind you, know that they are looking for your flaws to exploit and give customers a better way to do what they currently do with you. Having name brand clients means nothing if you’re not evolving with the times, technology and economy.
2-  Be absolutely sure of your business model and that it will generate long term revenue. If it doesn’t make dollars it don’t makes sense. Just because it worked for another company doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours or even at this time in the market. If you can’t service your customers effectively, efficiently and timely, you will lose customers and opportunities. Your company will become a money pit because you won’t be able to keep pace with the competition and it will do damage to your bottom line.
3- Growth requires investment. Without a doubt, you must invest in people, processes and products (or service) improvements. If you still have antiquated technology, machinery, equipment, etc, you’ll fall behind. If you don’t invest in improvements, investors won’t take you serious. If you don’t take your company serious enough to keep it current and relevant, and make operations more streamlined, investors won’t be as inclined to invest in your company.
4- Focus on your core service or product and get it monetized and profitable before adding spin offs. It’s only logical to add as you grow. Customers’ needs change and evolve. Tastes change. New and improved ways of doing things emerge. But if you can’t successfully satisfy your customers in a way that converts them to long term customers, the dynamic shifts from relational to transactional. You generate more revenue from relational customer base than transactional.
5-  Monetize EVERYTHING properly. I can’t stress enough that free isn’t a business model, it’s a marketing tool. And free without conversion strategy leads to closed doors. And under charging will keep you a broke brand. If you’re not constantly looking for opportunities to monetize, your company will definitely become a money pit because you’re putting in more than you’re earning from it.
6-  Pay attention to the details. Pay attention to what customers and the market are telling you directly and indirectly. Customers will let you know what they need, expect and want. The market will give you clues on what direction you must take. Don’t ignore them, or else you risk falling behind. 


No guest this episode. Just hostess Adrienne Graham talking about the issues and bringing you things to think about.
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