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On first glance, this may seem like a gimmick. And honestly, if men had done this, they would be accused of patronizing women. But this is a brilliant idea. Not just for marketing purposes, but for business diversity.

I often tell my Mogul Chix community to “Dig Deeper”. There are always additional ways to monetize and bring in new revenue streams. These ladies have not only dug deeper, but they are killing it!¬†Girls Auto Clinic is changing the relationship between women and the automotive industry, and offering a range of salon services to create a win for all. If Walmart can have a bank, nail salon, hair salon, auto center, banking center and a Redbox, why can’t YOU also diversify?
Women are still under represented in the automotive industry. Personally I would go to a woman mechanic, hell, I’d love to see some where I live. But there are some people with archaic thinking who don’t feel comfortable with women working on their cars. That’s a bunch of garbage, but not the focus of this post.
As 1950’s as it might sound, in certain industries, women still have to go the extra mile to cater to women in order to build their clientele. I think what Girls Auto Clinic CEO Patrice Banks has done with this concept may open her up for big business. Currently based in Philadelphia, this has the potential to catch on nationwide. I hope she franchises this concept or at least license it out. Whatever she decides, I will be cheering her on.
Learn more about Girls Auto Clinic in this article on Bored Panda.
So ladies, I’m asking you to dig deeper. Put on those thinking caps and think of all the ways you can expand your business, add revenue and take your business to the next level. You should be able to come up with at least three viable, solid additional revenue streams or concepts. And if you can’t, you should be thinking about attending the Mogul Chix Academy. Let’s reimagine the way we do business.
Mogul Chix Academy- Adrienne Graham
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Adrienne Graham
Founder, Mogul Chix, LLC
[bctt tweet=”Instead of lamenting over alternative facts, focus on alternative solutions. #MogulChixChat #WomenEntrepreneurs” username=”@talentdiva”]
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