Here’s a silly question. Do you know the value of your value? And if so, do your potential clients know it?
On first glance, you probably said, “well duh, of course I do. I know what I’m worth”. And that wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But any businesswoman knows that you knowing your value is only half the battle. If your intended target (customer, partner, investor, etc.) does not understand the value of the value, you’ll be stuck in a frustrating stalemate and endless bids at trying to negotiate you down.
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Lots of consultants, speakers, coaches, authors firmly tell you “know your worth, establish your value otherwise people will do it for you” and other catchy platitudes. But here’s where I differ. It doesn’t matter how many acronyms are after your name, how much you feel worthy of charging, what high power degrees, trainings, certifications or licenses you have or your “pedigree”. If the person you are trying to engage just does not see the value in terms of what you have produced for others like them, or what you can produce for them, you have no value to them. Period. It ain’t about you.
If you run into a thirsty man who needs water on the verge of collapse and you have the best damn high end artisan crackers that would make you slap your momma, YOU ARE OF NO VALUE TO THAT MAN. If you are a renowned orthopedic surgeon who runs into a woman who needs a heart surgeon to save her life, YOU ARE OF NO VALUE TO THAT WOMAN.
So what the heck am I getting at? You can be the best at what you do and can rightfully command what you charge. But if you’re in front of the wrong target, you are of no value to them. In other words, leave ego out of pricing and focus on the right targets. Price based on the results you can produce for the ideal client. Focus on what their need is and how many ways you can deliver.
I’ve seen so many people focus on equating their value to their pedigree and/or name brand clients they’ve worked with. We must be more conscious. In an increasing world of social disruption where people are being told they can DIY, save money by eliminating the need to use traditional methods (i.e. Uber, Air BNB, Amazon, etc) and only paying pennies on the dollar for things we used to pay premiums for, what was the norm is now being “democratized”. And that means that eventually what you offer could be discounted or reverted to DIY status at any moment. Don’t say you’re immune. Nobody is, not even me.
So take a moment and think about the real value of your value. What do you do that people will pay for without worrying about sticker price? What do you do that clients rely on your ability to solve their problem that they can’t solve themselves? What value do you bring to people? Think about it, get your mind focused and find your bearings. If you get too comfortable because you’re the, you could find yourself waking up one day obsolete.
Til next time,
Adrienne Graham
Founder, Mogul Chix, LLC
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Adrienne Graham is the Founder of Mogul Chix, LLC (, a global company and community for female founders and women entrepreneurs. She works with female-founded companies to grow, scale & making them investment ready. She is CEO of Empower Me! Corporation, a growth strategies consultancy for high growth companies. She provides Strategic Business Growth advisory services to companies with high growth potential to assist clients in creating processes and strategies to effectively scale, run, grow and position their business for success. Adrienne is an author, serial entrepreneur and avid techie dedicated to promoting inclusive diversity in the tech, VC and startup community. She is steadily building her empire one company at a time. She is also a Mentor for the Straight Shot Accelerator in Omaha, NE, which helps guide startups into successfully launched ventures.


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