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Good morning Mogul Chix. Here’s a thought for today. I have broken down an opportunity for new business ventures and reinvigorating an industry that’s been stalling.
I try to keep politics out of this community. However, at a certain point, we as businesswomen have to take notice of the changes abound. There’s a reason why I use the image of “same old thinking, same old results“. There are a lot of people up in arms about what is about to happen. But I ask that you take a moment and think through the following whether you’re in the industry, not in the industry, or considering opportunities in the industry. For the patient, calm businesswoman, there are opportunities that can counter what’s about to happen, and create jobs in the process. But only if you’re bold enough to pursue them.
As you know, the administration will talk about the budget outline released today that essentially kills all programs in Energy, EPA, USDA, and all other agencies that provide seed money and technical assistance to green energy start ups. It also aims to kill all native research by government agencies into green energy and reset all nuclear budgets to 2008 levels, including the ones that manage our nuclear arsenal.
That said, there can be business opportunities here to be had by turning this negative into a positive. It’s an opportunity for hard working men and women who relied on the coal industry to make just as much if not more in the environmental clean up and environmental machinery sector. This is an opportunity for business creation directly and indirectly involved because from the looks of things, we’re about to revert back to the days of heavy pollution due to the roll back of regulations and deconstruction of agencies.
What is needed are good cross training programs in place for careers that can counter the effects of the reopening of coal plants. Waste water, environmental, clean energy, etc. while most likely won’t get funding, there are opportunities to create businesses and training as the need boosts. This way, you won’t leave people hanging who count on those coal jobs, and at the same time provide solutions for the predicted consequences and fallout. Give them a new and improved option and train them. That’s how we take care of one another and create new business opportunities.
I hope you’re all listening. Please think about who you know that would be able to capitalize on this and share this post with them. One thing is for sure, we can’t have the same old same old. This administration will keep us on the defensive, but real money can be made on the offensive too. Starting new ventures in these areas will require training and investment, it’s not impossible to pursue. Better get to work. You’ve got opportunities to create.
What are your thoughts? Do you have a plan tucked away that you shelved because you could figure out if it would be doable? Do you know someone who is looking for an in to the environmental industry? Please share this article and share your thoughts below.
Til next time,
Adrienne Graham
Founder, Mogul Chix, LLC
[bctt tweet=”Find business opportunities in the attack on energy, EPA & USDA. #MogulChixChat #WomenEntrepreneurs #FemaleFounders” username=”@talentdiva”]
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