Originally aired Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Episode 9: Differentiate Your Company or Die

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1- Define your unique value proposition. What makes YOU different? What makes you the better option? From the moment you decide to sell something, you should be mapping out all the ways yours is better. Be clear about why yours does what nobody else’s can do and how.
2- Articulate your value. It’s not enough to make grand proclamations or share your overly confident view of your company. Of course, you’re going to say it has value. But what will someone else say? Be concise, confident and consistent with your proof. People are more likely to believe accounts from other people (who have had positive outcomes or experiences) before they believe advertising. So get really clear on what you have been able to deliver to customers and tell them how and why it was successful. Articulate that as opposed to the benefits, and you’ll have them half way sold.
3- Don’t compete on price…EVER. You won’t build real relationships if it’s only about the price. You’ll end up sticking yourself with the identifier of the company that offers the best deal. And that may not always lead to high sales volume or profitability. It’s just not sustainable long term. Unless yours is a discount or bargain brand. Then it becomes a matter of volume, not differentiation.
4- Offer a better product. Have you ever heard the term “build a better mousetrap”? Well, get building. Sometimes you’ll have a fickle consumer market and if you don’t meet their requirements or checklist, they’ll snub you. So start with producing a quality product or service that is bar none. Give them little to complain about or criticize.
5- Consciously complicate your life and views by breaking out of your norms. Put yourself in new surroundings and around different people that stretch your creativity to make you look at new methods and ways to do things.

The 3 TIPS:

1- Be mindful of your messaging.
It’s important to keep it on point and on message. When you slide from one side of the scale to another, people get leery. If people think you (or what your company stands for) is scared to take a position and support it unequivocally, they’ll be less likely to become loyal customers. And also note that you must be prepared to accept the opposition of that messaging too.
2- Pay attention to your customers to understand how to build your customer experience.
Observe and learn from your customers. They will tell you what they like, dislike and what they’d like to see changed. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Find out what they want as opposed to what you want to give them, then pay attention to HOW you deliver that experience. Was there anything that made them feel special, exclusive, catered to?
3- Dominate your market by continuing to learn and improve.
This isn’t about ego. This isn’t even about YOU. Always strive to learn more because industries are changing. Simply by the virtue of technology, things change rapidly. Learn about things not just from an industry perception, but also from the perspective of customers buying your goods or services and the employees that have to serve them.
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[bctt tweet=”Pay attention to customers to understand how to build your customer experience.” username=”@talentdiva”]
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