Originally aired Saturday, October 22, 2016.

Episode 7: Master Your Niche!

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1- Examine the market and search for gaps, deficiencies or blind spots by competitors. This is your chance to fulfill requirements that customers are not getting from your competitors. It also shows tat you’re paying attention to what their true needs are. Determine your competitive advantage by addressing these deficiencies or blind spots and what will make your company stand out to customers (front of mind).
2- Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you don’t take risks, you remain stagnant. The worse that can happen is someone will say “no”. The best that can happen is someone will say “yes”. But if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never know. Take calculated risks and focus on the possible rewards as opposed to what could go wrong.
3- Do your research and due diligence!! Always check out anyone you’re planning to partner with. Always check out the quality of work of vendors and manufacturers. Missing out on this makes your company look bad. Customers don’t care who didn’t do what. They’ll only see that you didn’t come through on what you promised.
4- Leverage previous experience and successes to put you at an advantage with customers. Customers feel more comfortable if they know they are paying for results from someone known to get results. Don’t be shy about past accomplishments. They’re your footprints in the business world.
5- Promote the hell out of it every day and in every way you can. Always be talking about your company. Never miss an opportunity to share what you do with people who may be interested. You, your team and even your customers are walking endorsements of your company. So make sure you’re representing it correctly.
6- Get customer endorsements (especially if they’re high profile and don’t mind sharing their experience). People often buy when they know their friends have had great experiences with a company, product or service. Always be sure to get feedback and ask if it can be used for promotional purposes. Because of the world we live in (right or wrong) if you can get a celebrity or well-known community leader to endorse your product/service/company publicly, that will boost credibility.
7- Continuously look for ways to improve, add on, or extend the life of your product or service. McDonald’s didn’t just stop with a hamburger. Always look for ways you can add complimentary products or services that benefit your customers. Ask for and take feedback serious when developing a ne offering. Don’t just give people what you think they’ll like. Really pay attention to what they’re asking for.


Marilyn Smolenski is the Founder and President of Nickel and Lace, a women’s concealed carry company. She is a USCCA’s affiliate as well as a consultant for their Women’s Community concealed carry fashion events. In addition, Marilyn is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and a guest speaker for women’s events.
Twitter: @NickelandLace
Web: www.nickelandlace.com

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[bctt tweet=”Don’t be afraid to take risks to define & own your niche.” username=”@talentdiva”]
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