Originally aired Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

Episode 2: There’s Power in Failure: Changing the Failure Narrative

1- Don’t take yourself so seriously. Resiliency is a MUST. When you are so fixated on being perfect, the slightest crack in that foundation can make a person melt down. Step back and focus on learning from what the experience has brought to you.
2-  Don’t give any weight to critics who can’t add anything to your situation, don’t have the guts to try themselves or haven’t ever done what you did. They have no benchmark or bearing on the situation. Often people allow others to dictate their moods and behaviors. It’s giving them way too much power over you. Take back your control by taking their feedback (well meaning or otherwise) take the parts that will allow you to improve and throw away the rest. In other words, take things with a grain of salt and see it (and the people behind it) for what it is.
3- Always look for the lessons, then apply them. Otherwise you’re doomed to continue failing. The person who refuses to acknowledge a failure or who doesn’t choose to look at the positive side of the experience are going to keep making the same mistakes. Open your mind to learning and pivoting.
4- Claim your failure & own it. Get out in front of it. Stop letting other people write your story. When you acknowledge the failure and share what you take away from it, people will have no choice but to respect you at best, mock you at worse. But you no longer hand them leverage to use against you.


Angela Stalcup is an author, speaker, and consultant with more than 20 years experience in marketing and business strategy. Since 2008, she has focused on supporting women entrepreneurs, working with over 1000 different women in launching and growing businesses.
Twitter: @angelastalcup
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/angelastalcup
Web: www.angelastalcup.com

In the News:

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Bill Ackman: Herbalife has already been shut down without even realizing it


Reebok and UFC Fighter Rhonda Rousey kick of the #PerfectNever Campaign. It’s a wonderful initiative that gives women permission to be comfortable with rejecting perfection. Take a look at some of the articles they’ve shared about how some celebrity women dismiss critics and public demands for perfection.

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