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New retail concepts and technologies are changing the way beauty products are created, marketed, purchased and used. From Michelle Phan to Pat McGrath, savvy businesswomen are making huge strides in the beauty game.

But these women aren’t just makeup artists or dabbling in beauty to ride the wave of social media and influencer marketing. They’ve built powerhouse companies. And it isn’t just a playing field for millennials.

Join us for this Beauty Mogul Event to learn how to build a successful company in this multi-billion dollar industry from the inside out. In this bootcamp you will learn:

* Up to 10 different additional revenue streams you may have thought were closed to you
* How to build an effective team that boosts your bottom line
* How to identify primary, secondary & tertiary customers even within your niche
* Ways to boost cash flow, especially if you are cash strapped at the moment
* Understand your “sustainable growth rate” and how to keep it going
* The best sources of capital to fuel your growth
* Keeping your finger on the pulse of consumer trends & avoiding becoming obsolete
* Using technology to extend your reach & offerings, and automating workflow
* Forward planning with the change in the retail landscape
* Implementing the most important systems to keep your business operating (even when you’re not working)
* Creating the ultimate customer experience
* Establishing yours as the “go-to brand” in the industry
* Position yourself to go from business owner (or freelancer) to a CEO running a COMPANY
* Getting products on major shelves
* Creating strong partnerships for a win-win relationship
* Setting & meeting revenue goals, growth goals & professional goals
And more!

You will not only get an exceptional learning experience, but also an opportunity to create a working strategy plan you can implement the next day to start your growth journey. You will also get a complimentary 90 minute strategy session.


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