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Mogul Chix trains accredited women investors to become angel investors and offer the opportunity to participate in an angel network group to invest in high growth potential, female founded companies.

We are hosting the Angel Investing Bootcamp on September 26-27, 2019 to give women the tools, resources and skills they need to become savvy investors and invest in companies with growth potential to increase their return on investment.

This is a two day bootcamp (Thursday & Friday 9AM -3PM) with 2 follow up virtual sessions. The investment in this bootcamp is $3,500 per person. There is no obligation to participate in our fund or pledge investment capital to attend this bootcamp. In this bootcamp, attendees will receive:

Angel Investor Training Curriculum includes:

* angel investing overview,

* analyzing your own financial health,

* due diligence responsibilities,

* realistic valuation study,

* deal analysis & structuring,

* financial and governance (legal) overview,

* idea evaluation,

* management vetting,

* post investment relationship management,

* choosing your investing strategy,

* smart portfolio strategy,

* risk assumption,

* deal sourcing,

* term sheets,

* negotiation,

* assessing your non-monetary assets,

* navigating conflict,

* exit strategy,

* selecting the right fund for your financial goals,

* investment opportunities for women of color,

* and examining deal flow opportunities.

In this bootcamp, you will receive:

* Angel Investor Curriculum and associated worksheets & books.

* Resources and tools to take with you to practice analyzing deals on your own.

* Relevant books for further study.

* Mock pitch session.

* Team study project.

* Breakfast & Lunch both days.

Register TODAY if you are serious about becoming an Angel Investor and adding this investment strategy to your overall wealth portfolio.

You may reserve your seat by paying in full or selecting a payment plan. We will not hold seats. You are only registered once you select your payment option and submit payment.

There is a non-refundable $350 cancellation fee.

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