The Business of Self-Publishing


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So, you want to publish books. Writing a book is the easy part. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that self-publishing your own book is a business that goes way beyond writing it and putting it on Amazon? Even if it’s only part of your business strategy, it’s still serious business. Many authors step out for the first time without a clue how to manage the process, market and make sales.

This self-study course focuses on:

* Avoiding the pitfalls of a first time authors
* Extending your book into other products, services & opportunities
* Ways to maintain complete control over your content (and profits)
* Maximizing author tools to keep your book front of mind
* Ways to position your book to attract traditional publisher’s attention
* Managing your book like a separate business entity
* Using your book to build your brand

*Disclaimer: This course is not for fiction writers. Although many of the techniques and tips can be adapted and tweaked for fiction writers.*

This self-study course includes:

* A 101 page guidebook
* 11 audio mp3s
* A Resource Guide packed with a variety of resources to ensure your publishing & business success (including what I’ve used to publish, print, distribute and market my own books)
* A Glossary with key terms and definitions so you’re in the industry know
* A 98 page Toolkit complete with sample documents and templates
* Editable Excel Documents to keep track of your business finances
* A bonus video Online Reputation Management
* And templates of a variety of book layouts sized and ready to use

By the time you finish this course you will not only be ready to self-publish your book, but turn it into a thriving business or publishing arm to your company. This is not a course on how to write. It’s a course about managing the business of writing.

Available in Digital or Print/CD.

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