Growth Isn’t About Being Trendy: Evolve, or Get Left Behind

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This should matter to you, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not merely news. it’s not even about UPS the company. It’s about forward motion. Evolution in business.

You may look at the brown trucks and think “package delivery”. UPS is more than just a “package delivery” business. And with competition from FedEx (not really), DHL (yawn), Uber (uh oh) and Amazon (watch ya back), they can’t be just a package delivery business. Logistics plays a big part in their strategy. Technology plays a big part in their delivery. And transportation is at the cornerstone. They use airplanes, trucks, and vans. It makes sense that they upgrade to fit the times.

Think about it. Cars evolve over time. There’s emissions, gas, pollution and the environment to consider. The narrative is firmly on the environment and global warming these days. So a company like FedEx has to make adjustments. The future is autonomous, electric and drones, so they say, so why not get out ahead of it all? That’s what a smart business does.
Think about how you want your company to be moving forward. I’m not suggesting follow the crowd. But I am suggesting you look at how what you do, whether service or product, is delivered. Think about how your customer expects delivery and how they use. Think about the trends and the shifts. How do they all affect you.

Do read the article for what it is. But also, for what the underlying message is. To be a great business leader and successful company owner, you always have to be 3 steps ahead and have your head on swivel to make sure you’re not obsolete and left behind.

ARTICLE: UPS is buying thousands of electric vans and teaming up with Waymo to accelerate the future of delivery-

What are YOU doing to consciously stay current and ahead of the game? Comment below.

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