Cathy Hughes- Women's History Month Day 1

WHM Day 1: Cathy Hughes Founder, Radio One & TV One

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Cathy Hughes is an academic, entrepreneur, radio and TV personality, and mother. She is also the first African American woman to lead a publicly traded media company, Radio One. Hughes was born in Omaha, Nebraska. After founding Radio One in 1980, she went homeless and resided with family while raising her son and striving to keep her radio station alive. However her perseverance and tenacity won her much success. In 2004, Hughes also launched TV One, a cable network that focuses on lifestyle and entertainment for African-Americans.
Cathy Hughes is one of my biggest media business role models. Everyone has considered Oprah Winfrey (another of my role models) the queen of media. But before Oprah, there was Cathy. She founded a radio station when all odds were against her. She sacrificed a lot to keep that ownership up to and including being homeless with her some (she spent some time sleeping in the radio station she owned…talk about commitment and dedication). She has grown one of the pre-eminent radio/tv company for African Americans. Cathy Hughes is a Mogul Chix Shero.
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Adrienne Graham
Founder, Mogul Chix, LLC
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