{Mogul Chix Radio Show} Effective Brand Shifting

Originally aired Saturday, August 20, 2016.

Episode 6: Effective Brand Shifting

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1- Rewrite your own narrative that allows the public to see the evolution as your company grows, but stay true to the core of your brand. As you grow, things change. While the core message should be the same, don’t be afraid of changing direction. It takes a mindset shift to accept and embrace new directions. And if you don’t have that mindset, don’t expect your audience, customers or media to accept and embrace the change. You have to be comfortable with it, and committed to the new direction in order to get buy in from others. Control the message, be transparent and authentic to avoid confusion or misrepresentation.
2-  Each new level requires a more evolved message and super targeted customers in order to be a successful brand. Get very clear and specific about who you are targeting and customize the message to reflect why they are your ideal target. As your company grows, the brand message should not remain exactly as it was when you started. That growth should be reflected in the core message. And it’s OK that not everyone is your target.
3- Leverage your connections who know your work to help share the narrative of the new direction your company is taking. People who know you, have been supporters and are genuinely happy for your evolution will have no problem championing your brand. Make sure you keep them in the loop and include them in the transition. Let them help create the narrative and introduce you to their audience.
4- Take bold action and embrace this new, upward direction. Don’t let others distract you from your growth. Sometimes you have to take drastic steps to achieve optimal results. It means getting rid of people who no longer belong, doing things differently than you’ve always done, and moving in different circles.
5-  Get over your trust issues and enlist people who understand your brand’s direction and can help you grow. As you grow into new levels, you cannot do things as you’ve always done. That means hiring people who can make shit happen.


Named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50 of 2015, branding superstar Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an award winning PR executive helping non-profits, corporations and small businesses build buzz and brands through events, publicity and social media campaigns. She is the creator of The Branding Box and she helps you communicate with the media and build your brand online.
Twitter: @amandamogul
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amillerlittlejohn
Web: www.amandamillerlittlejohn.com and www.packageyourgeniusacademy.com

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[bctt tweet=”As your company grows, your brand must evolve to survive.” username=”@talentdiva”]
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