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6 Steps to Hiring Your 1st Employee
Without a Huge Budget

Ready to make your first hire, but don’t know where to start? I want to help you grow your company by hiring right the first time and building a strong team, and I want you to make your first hire your best hire.

Join me for this free masterclass that I think is vitally important on you path to growth. Hiring is not such an easy thing to do. You’re probably at a point where you can no longer do it all yourself. But you’re skeptical about bringing on someone new and having to give up some tasks you’re used to doing yourself. I know that hiring your first employee can be overwhelming. Trust me. There are as many questions as there are doubts.

As entrepreneurs, it can be overwhelming. It’s enough to just to get yourself into a routine of the day to day operations when you’re running a company. But to bring on another person to train and take over tasks you previously handled yourself could cause a whole lot of anxiety. After all, what if they can’t or don’t meet your expectations? What if they can’t step into your shoes? Not to mention hiring expenses can rack up quickly as you search for that perfect hire. And keep in mind, hiring the wrong employee can quickly become very costly over the long term, if you’re not careful.

I want to demystify this process for you. Let me help you figure out who to hire, and how to hire right the first time. I’m inviting you to attend this free master class where I’ll show you some of the best hiring secrets that have worked for me and my clients over the years, as well as the tools that I’ve used, and the mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve made so many mistakes that you can avoid by just attending this master class. I want to give you the tips, tactics and resources you need to make great hires from the first to your last, and everyone in between,

What We’ll Cover:

  • Determining the right time to hire

  • Full time vs part time vs contractor

  • The critical first hire

  • Questions you can & can’t ask in interviews

  • Best places to look for candidates

  • Preparing for the interview

  • Importance of building an employer brand

  • Creating an application

  • Tools to manage the process

  • Hiring mistakes to avoid

Come to this class to see if you are ready take the leap and hire your very first employee. Each attendee will receive a workbook and a recording of the class.

6 Steps to Hiring Your 1st Employee | Mogul Chix


DATE: June 24, 2021


Revenue Streams Workshop

Cash flow is….Queen! And without it, your company will struggle.

Add 3 NEW PROFITABLE REVENUE STREAMS to your business, without adding a coaching program, info products or affiliate programs.

What revenue strategies do you have in place to ensure continued growth? What about your plan for consistent, long-term cash flow? What money are you leaving on the table?

As we shift into a new way of doing business, and as more natural disasters and health crisis occur, it is vital your company has multiple revenue streams AND alternative ways to work with your clients and customers.

You can probably add 3 more revenue streams that are probably right under your nose, and you either didn’t see them or didn’t think they would work for you.

Attend this workshop and let’s work through it together to add 3 new revenue streams to your business (not new BUSINESSES, but revenue STREAMS). If you have a professional services, consumer product based, retail, real estate, consulting, fitness, food, tech or personal services company, I want to see you at this workshop.

* Live Workshop (live interactive webcast)
* 90 Day Revenue Challenge
* Access to private group
* 90 days email support

Register today. It’ll be the best investment you can make this year. Ready to make money?

Revenue Strategies Workshop | Mogul Chix

COST: $199

DATE: July 8, 2021


Mogul Chix Angel Bootcamp

As entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, seek to expand and grow their companies, they are finding that turning to women angel investors is becoming more commonplace as the landscape begins to equalize. More women with disposable income who want to see other women thrive and increase their wealth portfolios are becoming angel investors. Angel Investing for many is not a solo venture. More women are taking an interest in learning how to invest in companies, and seeking a group or fund to participate in, so they are investing in education by attending angel investing bootcamps to get familiar with the process.

Join us for the upcoming Bootcamp August 2021.

Mogul Chix trains accredited women investors to become angel investors and offer the opportunity to participate in an angel network group to invest in high growth potential, female founded companies. We host the Angel Investing Bootcamp in select cities to give women the tools, resources and skills they need to become savvy investors. This is a two day bootcamp with 4 follow up virtual sessions. In this bootcamp, attendees will receive:

  • Angel Investor Training Curriculum: angel investing overview, analyzing your own financial health, due diligence, valuation, deal analysis & structuring, financial and governance overview, idea evaluation, management vetting, post investment relationship management, choosing your investing strategy,  smart portfolio strategy, risk assumption, deal sourcing, term sheets, negotiation, assessing your non-monetary assets, navigating conflict, exit strategy, selecting the right fund for your financial goals, and deal flow.

  • Course materials, including resources and tools to take with you to practice analyzing deals on your own.

  • Relevant books for further study.

  • Mock pitch session.

  • Team study project.

  • 25% discount for the Mogul Chix Angel Network Membership.

  • Breakfast & Lunch both days. (Not available for online bootcamp)

Get on the mailing list so you can be notified about the next event. Reserve your seat early if you are serious about becoming an Angel Investor and adding this investment strategy to your overall wealth portfolio.


DATE: August 19-20, 2021


PLACE: Live (Zoom Online)

PRICE: $2,500

Funding School

Access to capital is the greatest barrier women entrepreneurs encounter..and if you’re a woman of color, the barriers are even higher.

While women founders are outpacing men in starting (and growing) companies in record numbers each year, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors cite “inability to find them” as the number one reason their investment dollars aren’t going to them. The other reason is lack of preparedness and readiness.

Mogul Chix Academy presents Funding School.

This three week course is designed to help you understand funding, know what investors are looking for, where to find investors, how to build real relationships that put you in front of investors, how to pitch for funding and how to GET the funding.

Choose from Self Study (6 months) or live (3 weeks) classes. Self Study allows you to go at your own pace with limited support. Live classes allow you to learn in real time with your peers and an instructor who can answer your questions, provide guidance and support. Please check the website calendar for the schedule of classes.

Payment Plan options include full pay or three installment plans for live classes, and full pay, three installment and six installment plans for self study courses.

Still not sure if Funding School is for you? Click below to learn more about Funding School and see the curriculum outline.


COST: $899

DATE: August 17, 2021

TIME: 10 AM – 12PM EST

Mogul Chix Academy Growth Accelerator

26 Interactive Lectures. 7 Real World Application Projects. 26 Discussions. 5 Case Studies. 1 Simulation Team Project. 1 Pitch Project. Through this 6 month program, Mogul Chix Academy provides Female Founders with skills, technical assistance, tools and advisory counseling in a one on one and group environment. We help you identify the problems and missed opportunities, develop actionable plans, implement proven strategies, position your company for real growth and rethink the way you do business.

INTRO ORIENTATION: Are you ready to raise money?

MODULE 1: Company DNA (Business Models, Revenue Models, Cash Flow, Pricing, Planning, Customer Strategy, Differentiation)

MODULE 2: People (Staffing & Talent Management, Leadership Principles, Advisory Boards, Strategic Power Networks)

MODULE 3: Process & Product/Service (Optimization, Operations, Technology, Sales Process Improvement)

MODULE 4: Traction (Negotiation, Conflicts & Setbacks, Brand Reboot, Market Readiness)

MODULE 5: Growth (Expansion, Succession, Financial Planning, International Business, Exit)

MODULE 6: Fundraising (Valuation, Funding Readiness, Types of Funding, Due Diligence, Pitch, Closing Rounds, Post Investment)

MODULE 7: End of Course Symposium (Quality of Life, Pitch Project, Team Project, Wrap Up)

Payment options available. 3 pay, 6 pay or financing available to suit your needs. Please note that if you select an installment plan, your credit card will be charged each month for the term of the installment plan.

Mogul Chix Academy Business Growth Accelerator

COST: $4,500

KICKOFF DATE: October 20, 2021


Mogul Chix Business Bootcamp- Beauty Industry


New retail concepts and technologies are changing the way beauty products are created, marketed, purchased and used. From Michelle Phan to Pat McGrath, savvy businesswomen are making huge strides in the beauty game.

But these women aren’t just makeup artists or dabbling in beauty to ride the wave of social media and influencer marketing. They’ve built powerhouse companies. And it isn’t just a playing field for millennials.

Join us for this Beauty Mogul Event to learn how to build a successful company in this multi-billion dollar industry from the inside out. In this bootcamp you will learn:

* Up to 10 different additional revenue streams you may have thought were closed to you
* How to build an effective team that boosts your bottom line
* How to identify primary, secondary & tertiary customers even within your niche
* Ways to boost cash flow, especially if you are cash strapped at the moment
* Understand your “sustainable growth rate” and how to keep it going
* The best sources of capital to fuel your growth
* Keeping your finger on the pulse of consumer trends & avoiding becoming obsolete
* Using technology to extend your reach & offerings, and automating workflow
* Forward planning with the change in the retail landscape
* Implementing the most important systems to keep your business operating (even when you’re not working)
* Creating the ultimate customer experience
* Establishing yours as the “go-to brand” in the industry
* Position yourself to go from business owner (or freelancer) to a CEO running a COMPANY
* Getting products on major shelves
* Creating strong partnerships for a win-win relationship
* Setting & meeting revenue goals, growth goals & professional goals
And more!

You will not only get an exceptional learning experience, but also an opportunity to create a working strategy plan you can implement the next day to start your growth journey. You will also get a complimentary 90 minute strategy session.

Topics Include:

  • Legally protecting your brand, work, products, & company

  • Financial Goals & Money Moves

  • Maximizing Your Business Model for Profitability

  • Hiring the Right Team (& Firing When Necessary)

  • Building a Digital Platform that Makes Dollars AND Sense

  • Strategic Growth & Scalability

  • Building the Ultimate Customer Experience

  • Product & Service Optimization

  • Maximizing Partnerships, Alliances & Relationships

  • Forward Planning Vision- Legacy & Exit Strategies

  • Negotiating from a Place of Strength & Confidence

  • Getting the Right Investment Dollars

  • Leadership Principles Through Different Growth Stages

  • Getting Valuable Shelf Space

  • Real Estate Moves

  • Measuring Success Metrics

COST: $799