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The CEO 'Shift' Experience

Aim higher. Move differently. Challenge the very core of who you are as a leader.

Introducing the CEO Shift Experience Coaching & Advisory: Unleash Your Inner Power as a Badass CEO!

The road to CEO can be a lonely and often frustrating one. You are so used to being a “business owner” that the thought of being a true CEO never crosses your mind. After all, you are the one running the business. Without you, maybe the business will continue, maybe not. But one thing is for sure. You have not properly positioned yourself to be Chief Executive Officer of your business.

According to Investopedia, “the chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking person in a company. While every company differs, CEOs are often responsible for expanding the company, driving profitability, and in the case of public companies, improving share prices. CEOs manage the overall operations of a company“.

Nobody gives you a roadmap or blueprint to being a CEO. The role varies from company to company. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you figure it all out.

The ideal woman for coaching with us is one who:

  • Is ready to transition from business owner to CEO

  • Is ready to hire and delegate to a highly functioning team

  • Is tired of doing it all

  • Is nervous about or unsure of how to step into a CEO role

  • Is ready to start planning the next chapter (philanthropy, speaking, exit, another startup)

  • Is ready to build a generational legacy for their family

  • And/or is ready to start planning their exit 

With the CEO Shift Experience, it will all start making sense.

You’ll start with two VIP Days where we’ll get together and dig all into your business, dive into you as a person and leader, and map out your strategies and plans. Then you’ll go through a 12-week one on one coaching intensive where we’ll focus on execution, implementation and achieving goals. We’ll follow it up with 9 additional months of coaching and advisory.

The investment: $25,000. We do have financing available. Please ask about it.

Are you ready to get started? Take a moment and complete this assessment and we’ll schedule a Discovery Call with you to dive into your needs, and go into more detail about the program. 

Introducing the CEO Shift Experience VIP Day and Coaching Program – your passport to business growth, leadership and success! You’ll get a two day onsite (or remote) intensive followed by 12 weeks of one on one focused Coaching plus the tools for CEO mastery. Then you receive guidance and advisory for one year. The CEO Shift Experience includes:


12 weeks of focused one on one weekly coaching calls where we will focus on:

  • Examine & flesh out core business & individual (personal) identity

  • CEO confidence building exercises

  • Issue resolution

  • Identify & explore opportunities away from the business (speaking, writing, philanthropy, etc)

  • Crafting a plan for post-CEO life (retirement, sale, new startup, etc)

  • Personal and Business goals mapping

  • Deep dive into ideal clients/customer experience

  • Operations triage

  • Revenue strategy

  • Develop strategic one, three & five year plans

  • Create and execute a 12 week shift plan

  • Staffing Plan

  • A leadership plan

  • Product/Service optimization & ideation


**Please note, each client has different needs and priorities. So the list above can be customized to each client’s needs.**


Followed by 9 months of:

  • Quarterly alignment sessions

  • Monthly check in sessions with financial & performative reviews and strategic assessments

  • Bi-monthly accountability sessions

  • One year strategy check in (continued annual check-ins are available for an additional fee)

You will receive a variety of dashboards, strategic plans, vital business operations documents, scorecards, individual and team assessments, triage of business processes, and automation to streamline your operations.

Master Your Life & Business

Do you have questions about the CEO Shift Experience or any other inquiries about Mogul Chix® in general? Book an appointment for a Discovery Call to see if you’re a fit for coaching.

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the answers to the most important questions you have.
If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out.

No. We don’t believe in Group Coaching for CEOs. While some CEOs may have similar issues and roadblocks, each company and goals are different. Plus CEO coaching is individual and private. We believe in a tailored approach. We follow a similar framework but not the same path. We do however, offer periodic topic-specific Masterminds in small groups.

Glad you asked! YES! We’ve worked collectively with CEOs of startups, small growth companies and Fortune 100 companies. However, our specialty is working with CEOs of small growth companies. We feel we can give the most guidance to this segment because we’ve been there, grown that. So you’ll get the benefit of experience.

Straight to the point…you don’t. And we won’t either until we assess your company and you. Each person has a different work ethic, goals, and level of determination. As with any program, success hinges on your actions and dedication. We can give you all the strategies and playbooks in the world, but if you don’t commit and do the work and show up you won’t succeed. We help you stay focused and hold you accountable every step of the way.

There’s a possibility. If you request her in the beginning, you will. Otherwise, you’ll work with one of our other CEO coaches who are trained by her in her methodology. But no matter who you work with at Mogul Chix®, you will have an incredible experience.

The beauty of CEO Shift is the first two days, the VIP Days, we come to you. We cna meet in your office, an offsite location or a day office in your city. After that, we will meet remotely…unless we happen to be in the same city. Then you can request in person meeting. We want to make this a comfortable experience for you, without making it too comfortable! We still want you to do the work required to grow.

There are not refunds, only credits. And we may be tooting our own horn, but we do a comprehensive screening to make sure there is a fit. We identify any potential problems in advance so we can ensure a good working relationship. And as we said, your success is directly related to the work, time and energy you put in. So if you feel you’re not ready, we won’t work with you.

Actually yes and no. Let’s start with “no”. We primarily work with the CEO of the company. We do however have your team sitting in on a couple of the sessions. And if you have any CXO team members, we would want them to attend.

At the high level, you work with us for one year. You get 2 VIP days in the beginning. Then you get 12 weeks of intense strategy and planning. Finally, you continue to coach monthly for 9 months. All of this is included in the fee.

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