Mogul Chix® is dedicated to creating and producing content geared towards telling the stories of high performing Female Founders with a heavy emphasis on spotlighting the stories of Women of Color, as well as providing insight into topics related to business and growing a legacy and empire. Our content is designed to help you run a better business and become a better leader.


The word is out! Mogul Chix® Chat Podcast is back and as fire as ever.

AvailMogul Chix Chat™ Podcastable wherever podcasts are streamed, Mogul Chix® Chat is a cold water, in-your-face wake up call (part humor, part education, full on real talk) for high performing Female Founders to get their mindsets ready to get a seat at the table, then go secure the block, the industry and the wealth. This podcast focuses on the unsexy stuff in business & the inner workings of making a company sustainable and profitable. We talk about building wealth, building companies, leadership, making Mogul Moves, & building legacy. This podcast is part blueprint, and part masterclass. You can hear valuable tips and advice from the host and hear from women who are blazing trails and kicking ass in their respective industries. It’s a tell all on how to navigate and be successful as a woman in business. Catch the podcast on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, iHeart, Amazon Music, Audible, Google Podcasts and Anchor.


Mogul Chix® MagazineMogul Chix® Magazine is a quarterly print publication. Much like our podcasts, this magazine is for, by and about high performing Female Founders and the business & lifestyle conversations we have. This is a publication for the CEOs and focuses on topics from wealth management, business growth, asset protection, leadership, politics, technology, international business, and more. We’ve injected a little fashion, beauty and wellness in there as well. Think a mashup of Essence, Forbes & Bloomberg, but more sophisticated.

We are dedicated to telling OUR stories. This is a platform for high performing women and their stories of inspiration, triumph and yes, even the setbacks. We keep it real and raw.


Want to write for us?


Empowering, sophisticated, candid, and street-smart with a dash of humor, this brand’s voice speaks directly to the ambitious, the go-getters, and high performing Female CEOs who are ready to level up their game in business and life.

The tone is informal yet authoritative, blending personal anecdotes with practical advice. The audience is anyone hungry for success, and an elevated lifestyle…the CEO Lifestyle. The style is conversational, peppered with colloquial language and social media lingo.

To write for us, keep it real and relatable. Use personal experiences to illustrate points, but always tie it back to actionable advice. Don’t shy away from hard truths or controversial opinions – we thrive on challenging the status quo. And remember, a sprinkle of humor goes a long way in keeping the audience engaged and the message memorable.

We do not charge a fee to write for us! We do not charge to be featured in the magazine.





We DO charge for advertising. We offer full color full page, inside cover, half page and quarter page ads for the print magazine.  Because of the nature of the magazine, we are not ad-heavy so each issue is first come first serve. To secure advertising for an issue please visit this link. Advertising is accepted up until three weeks before the launch of the issue and must be print-ready, high resolution quality. Discounts for advertising runs in multiple issues.

The ad specs should be:

Inside Cover & Full Page: 8.625″ x 11.375″ bleed.

Half Page Horizontal: 8.625″ x 5.478″ bleed.

Quarter Page Vertical: 3.333″ x 4.583″ bleed.

Please send over a PNG version, high resolution 300 DPI minimum of your logo and images (if you have any) that you’d like to include in the design as well as brand colors, brand fonts, copy. If you’re interested in sponsoring or advertorials, please contact us to discuss. To advertise on the podcast, we offer 15 second ($500) and 30 second spots ($1,000) and there is only one spot per episode. 


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