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As a CEO, Ask Yourself These Questions:
What do you want for your company (vision)?

What do you have to do to get there (action)?

What could get in the way of you achieving those goals (obstacles)?

How do you hold yourself accountable (measure)?

How do you manage yourself and others as the business grows (accountability)?

What moves are you ready to make right now (execution)?

What’s Holding You Back From Growth & Success?

Each level of business is more progressive and requires a different level of yourself to show up. You can’t grow while remaining the same. And you can’t lead effectively if you’re not fully confident in your CEO status. Each new level requires a different version of yourself even if you’re experiencing sales and profitability. Even the big companies with bare basic offerings requires elevated thinking and strategy.

Mogul Chix® helps high performing Female Founders build powerful companies, find the confidence to lead, guide you on the path to growth and transition fully into a CEO role. Our CEO Advisory and Coaching Services, Business Growth Accelerator, and media offerings are tailored exclusively for women like you, ready to conquer the business world.

Unlock your potential. Embrace your ambition. Make Mogul Moves & Power Plays.

Rethink the Way You Do Business
Get the guidance, tools, resources & education to help you grow & scale your company.

Mogul Chix® works with high performing Female Founders to grow & scale badass, PROFITABLE companies without burning out, feeling isolated, or losing your mind!

We are a global community and platform that works with high achieving Female Founders to strengthen & scale their companies build money making teams, and develop into strong, confident CEOs and did we already say to become wildly profitable?

Mogul Chix® provides business growth advisory services, one on one CEO coaching, structured business education, strategic networking opportunities, masterminds, discounts on B2B services and resources, and exclusive memberships. We take a Founders First approach, and connect the dots for Female Founders to build strong companies, transition into a fully functioning CEO, and bridge the gap between them and investors.

The mission is simple. To create as many successful, profitable companies lead by Female Founders with 7+ figure companies. We help companies focus on growth & scalability, reaching (and maintaining) long-term profitability, build teams, expansion & management, perfecting customer acquisition, relations & retention, sustainable revenue generation, perfecting systems & processes, and funding strategies to open more opportunities to ensure their companies are investment ready and positioned in front of the right investors.

We want to strip away every excuse an investor can come up with BEFORE you meet with them.

Who We Work With
Are You a Fit?

Mogul Chix® works with Female Founders who are uniquely positioned to shift their companies from owner-reliant, and are ready to remove themselves from the day-to-day, or being the actual “product” for the business. They’re ready to expand the business and are most likely in the beginning phase of thinking about the next chapter. We work with clients at three levels:  Scale, Rebuilding and Expansion.

Female Founders who not yet ready to scale the business beyond just themselves and a couple of support staff are usually a fit for the Business Growth Accelerator. They’re business owners who ARE the business or brand and are hesitant to delegate or turn over the reigns to a competent team. They need hands on guidance to scale the business.

They also need the right team in place. From a Chief of Staff to keep who can take over smaller responsibilities and handle other day-to-day items while making moves on behalf of their boss, to a Private Chef to make sure her and her family are eating right, building an internal leadership support team in the business and a team to support her personal/family life is instrumental in keeping a balanced CEO.

I’m Adrienne Graham, CEO & Founder
Here’s a Little About Me

I’m a Business Growth Strategist for high performing Female Founders & CEOs. I help you master the CEO mindset AND create business strategies to build multi-million dollar companies that give you the freedom from the day-to-day work. I help you comfortably become a true CEO of your company. I started my very first company in 1994! So I have seen every economic shift and comeback, succeeded and failed at business, and I am continuously learning and passing along that knowledge. I want you to avoid or at least sidestep the mistakes I made along the way to my CEO role.

Learn more about me.

Here’s What We Offer
There is no “one size fits all” approach. We meet you where you are on your journey.

CEO Shift Coaching & Advisory

Experience one-on-one guidance from someone who understand the unique challenges women like you face. We’re here to sharpen your business acumen, fine-tune your strategies, and elevate your leadership skills.

Business Growth Accelerator

Our Business Growth Accelerator is designed to fast-track your journey to success. Gain access to cutting-edge resources, expert insights, and a network of driven Female Founders.

Angel Investing Bootcamp

We train accredited women investors to become angel investors and offer the opportunity to participate in an angel network group to invest in high growth potential, female founded companies.

Growth Strategies Consulting

No two companies are the same. Whether you’re looking to scale, rebuild or expand your company, we work with you every step of the way until you reach your objective with customized strategies.

Mogul Chix Chat Media

Tune in to Mogul Chix® Chat & Mogul Chix® Magazine, where we bring you powerful stories, insightful interviews, and actionable advice from women who’ve done amazing things in the business world.

Funding School

This three week course is designed to help you understand funding, know what investors are looking for, where to find investors, how to build real relationships that put you in front of investors, how to pitch for funding and how to GET the funding.

Where Would You Like to Start?
We want to meet you where you are to take you where you want to go.
How do I scale my business with Mogul Chix?
How can I rebuild my business with Mogul Chix?
How can I expand my business with Mogul Chix?


This is the stage where you focus on putting the elements and people in place to support growth. It requires planning, funding, the right systems, staff, processes, technology, and partners.


You’ve had some stumble and obstacles, or maybe the business had to be broken all the way down to the studs to start over or move in a new direction. You take the core elements of what worked well in the past, and enhance and expand that with innovation, new capabilities and fresh perspectives


You’ve worked through the “kinks”. The business reaches the point for growth and looks for additional options to generate more profit. This can be new locations, adding new services or product, moving into new markets, or even expanding into new geographical territories.

So which category do you fall into? We’ll be happy to work with you at whichever stage you’re in. Book a Discovery Call today and let’s get started assessing your need.