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Topics of Interest

Here are the topics we are currently accepting content for:

– Economics
– Wealth Building (high net worth only please)
– International Business
– The Markets & Money
– Politics
– Business Growth (please no marketing, social media or sales)
– Feature game changer cover stories
– Real Estate
– Exit Strategy
– M&A
– Luxury
– Travel
– Women’s Health
– Venture Capital/Angel Investing
– Business Turn Around
– Serial Entrepreneurship
– Technology

How to Write for Us

Here is our brand voice: Empowering, candid, and street-smart with a dash of humor. This brand’s voice speaks directly to the ambitious, the go-getters, power players who are ready to level up their game in business and life. The tone is informal yet authoritative, blending personal anecdotes with practical advice.

The audience is anyone hungry for success, models of success, and actionable content that moves them to make strategic moves to level up. The style is conversational, peppered with colloquial language and social media lingo.

To write for this brand, keep it real and relatable. Use personal experiences to illustrate points, but always tie it back to actionable advice. Don’t shy away from hard truths or controversial opinions – this brand’s voice thrives on challenging the status quo. And remember, a sprinkle of humor goes a long way in keeping the audience engaged and the message memorable.

Schedule An Interveiw

If you are interested in writing for us, pitch your article idea, submit 3-4 previous writing samples for publications (magazines and /or blogs) and schedule an interview on my calendar. 

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The pricing will vary depending on the complexity of your issue
and the type of business you are running.

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