No You Can’t Pick My Brain

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What started as a blog post on, launched a worldwide conversation for years after. Many service professionals have no idea how to assign value to their knowledge and most don’t know exactly how or where to draw the line between free friendly advice and fee based consultations. They find themselves being taken advantage of by people looking to get maximum information for no cost. Some people will say you have to give away a lot of free to earn paying clients. But I say that’s the quickest way to train people to expect to always get free stuff from you.

It’s time to teach people where the boundaries are and how to value our expertise.

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain, It Costs Too Much gives practical advice on determining your value and enforcing your rules to stop the brain picking. In this book learn how to:

* position yourself as (a respected) expert

* differentiate between legitimate requests for advice versus free consulting

* draw the hard line between fee based consultation and free advice, and make it stick

* keep job interviews from turning into surprised brain picking sessions (who hasn’t gone through that before!)

* manage habitual brain pickers

* communicate your message with people so they understand what they get for free and for fee

* remove the guilt from charging what your worth

* establish your fees (and get them)

* balance volunteer/philanthropic giving and paying clients

and more.

This book is for anyone who:

* has a service business

* is a service professional

* is always the “go to” person by friends and family members

* is uncomfortable setting fees and rates

* has difficulty saying “no” to people who want to get endless freebies because they feel entitled

* needs to differentiate between consulting and advice

* is tired of being taken advantage of and not compensated

* wants to sincerely balance giving freely and selling

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