We provide high-quality growth strategies consulting services to our clients. While a majority of our clients are in growth mode and have allocated solid budgets for our services, and are capable of paying for our services under a traditional engagement model, some clients, particularly in the early stage, need a bit more flexibility with options.

For established companies, we have per project, retainer and package rates that are commensurate with the quality and sophistication of the services we provide. For select emerging/startup companies, we may offer non-traditional fee structures that accommodate the client’s circumstances and appropriately allocate the risk. Keep in mind that as each client’s needs are different, there is no one-size-fits-all package or range of packages. Contact us for more details.


An Advisor works with you (one on one) to prioritize, focus and manage your growth proactively. We work with CEOs to guide your growth, manage priorities, strategize & track progress, and show you how to leverage your relationships to get more done. Most important, we hold you accountable and keep you on track towards reaching your business goals.



The Advisory sessions are designed to collaborate with clients to put together a strategy to solve a specific business issue, and introduce objectivity and a fresh perspective to the problem. The session gives you a chance to find a solution to the problem and make sense of the solution before you execute.

There is no package or plan, and you don’t have to join Mogul Chix. Each advisory session is $1500 and is conducted via phone, Skype or in person (locally) for 90 minutes. You can request a session as often as you need to. You and your advisor will meet privately, one on one, and close out the session with actionable objectives and deliverables. Advisory sessions are limited and available by appointment only.

CEO/Leadership Advisory Services
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Service allows us to take a look at the core operating system of your company. We help you assess and refine the business model(s) that are most effective in delivering your products or services, who they specifically target, scalability potential, profitability potential and overall health of your business.



Business Model Analysis is 90 minutes.  We review your current business model, identify areas of improvements, potential threats and develop a business model strategy together.

There is no package or plan, and you don’t have to join Mogul Chix. Each analysis session is $750 and is conducted via phone, Skype or in person (locally) for 90 minutes. You and your advisor will meet privately, one on one, and close out the session with actionable recommendations to improving your business model. Available by appointment only.

Business Model Analysis
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Services allow us to review the products or services you offer and determine their short and long term profitability. We conduct our analysis by examining sources, opportunities, alignment, impact, diversification, prioritization, internal and external impact, and several other factors that will give a clear picture of if and how your revenue will impact your bottom line. You will walk away with at minimum three new revenue streams to implement.



Revenue Model Analysis is 90 minutes.  We review your current revenue model, identify areas of improvements, potential threats and develop a revenue model strategy together.

There is no package or plan, and you don’t have to join Mogul Chix. Each analysis session is $750 and is conducted via phone, Skype or in person (locally) for 90 minutes. You and your advisor will meet privately, one on one, and close out the session with actionable recommendations to improving your revenue model. Available by appointment only.

Revenue Model Analysis
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Strategy Days allows us to work with you in a full day onsite session with (or without) your team. We focus on identifying the most prominent obstacles, and creating implementable strategy to rectify the problem. They are ideal for clients who have multiple trouble spots in their business and want someone to walk them through creating strategies for each issue.

Strategy Days are all-hands-on-deck sessions we spend at the client’s site and collaborates with them to put together step-by-step strategies to solve various business issues, and introduce objectivity and a fresh perspective to a problem. The sessions give them a chance to watch the strategies unfold, ask questions and provide input, ensure key team members understand the strategies, be able to make sense of the solution before they execute, and understand how to implement each strategy. Please see breakdown of areas we work on with clients. Clients articulate specific objectives and vision of desired outcomes. We provide detailed strategy mapping for each area of concern, develop customized, comprehensive action plans, recommend ideal resources and tools, and provide milestone checklists for clients to follow and implement on their own. Six months of ongoing support is available to clients.


We fly out to your location and hold a full day “war room” type strategy session where we explore you company from top to bottom. These session are delivered onsite at the client’s location or a mutual location (such as a private offsite conference room).

Business Strategy Day
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**PLEASE NOTE**  Fees for consulting & Advisory services vary. For staffing, RPO or Interim CRO services, visit this page. For temporary support, visit this page.

We provide talent management, talent acquisition/staffing, recruitment strategy & planning (sourcing, candidate attraction, hiring goals/benchmarks, diversity objectives, employee referrals, job descriptions, job ad/marketing, interview strategies, hiring manager training), employer branding, payroll management, benefits management, automation, applicant tracking system (ATS) database setup & management, recruiting department setup (process design, internal hiring), onboarding process, internship program development, background screening and general human resources management.

Also available, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (we manage your entire department for you), HR Process Outsourcing, & Interim Chief Recruitment Officer (contract).

Services are available a la carte and full service. Contact for pricing.



There are several options available. You can choose complete recruitment outsourcing, in which we will assign an account representative and one or two team members. You can opt for us to build out a recruiting function within your company (complete with training and internal staffing). You can hire an Interim chief to oversee the buildout and development. You can contract us to do one off or ramp-up hiring to only focus on building your team. Or you can outsource your entire HR function to us. Services can be individual or a la carte (in which case we will quote pricing).

Talent/Staffing Advisory
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**PLEASE NOTE**  Services start at $25,000.

Customers are more than transactions! They expect relationships and value. We want to help you create the customer experiences that fuel growth. We help you understand what matters to customers beyond their path to purchase. Creating a great customer experience is not just about removing the pain points along the customer journey. It’s about seeing the big picture of what is important to your customers in their daily lives: how they interact with other people and other brands, use technology, spend their time, money and attention beyond their interactions with your product or service and how your service or product enhances all of that.



With Customer Experience Advisory services we help you figure out the ideal customer archetype and create strategies to speak to those customer types. We assist with developing strategies that includes customer attraction, service/product audit, defining your goals, customer reachability, service convenience, purchase convenience, personalization through storytelling, simplicity & ease of use, channel delivery flexibility, and customer retention. We also help you develop loyalty programs & ambassador programs.

Customer Experience Advisory
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Services start at $99/Month.

Candidate sourcing is hit or miss at best. Every job board site boasts they can find you the perfect candidate, but do they really? Job boards can also be cost prohibitive for small companies with a budget. And so can installing your own ATS (applicant tracking system). Why blow your budget on something that comes with great cost and no guarantees?


You sign up for the service and choose to list month to month or quarterly. There is no long term contract. You get access to post your opening and search resumes. Our portal allows you to store and send resumes to yourself. Jobs are listed for the length of time you select or until the job is filled, then are automatically deleted. There is a limit to the number of resumes you can download each day. With this service, we do not prescreen the candidates for you. It is just job posting and resume database. If you’re interested in candidate sourcing services, inquire about our Sourcing Services. Payments are due in advance of posting and access. One log in assigned per company.

Job Board Posting Services
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Payment Options


We accept all major credit and debit cards. Cash is not accepted with the exception of purchase of merchandise sold at events. We accept payments online only. Payments can be automated for convenience.  Flexible Terms are on an approval basis. Special arrangements are made available for international clients. Corporate clients are billed on terms Net 14 (no exceptions), with a 1% discount if paid in full, early.

Fee Options


Here are the available fee arrangements that we offer for our services:

Fixed fee arrangements for defined tasks and projects, strategy sessions/days, and implementation projects. PPF Fees are calculated when we can appropriately define the scope of a project with its anticipated contingencies and appropriately attach a fixed fee for the time from inception to completion.

Certain services are designed so clients can make monthly installment payments. Clients may also opt for Monthly Payments for certain services.  In special cases, we will allow bi-weekly installment payments on an approved basis.

Retainer arrangements are for projects with ongoing on-call support with certain parameters such as scope of representation and the maximum hours per retainer period. Projects that require Retainer Fees include Interim Leader (Director, COO, Entrepreneur in Residence, etc), Recruiting, and any project where our staff members are required to become an extension representing your company.

Milestone fee arrangements are similar to a Pay-As-You-Go model. available for the completion of tasks that have defined completion requirements. Milestone fee arrangements are often combined with hourly rate or retainer arrangements depending upon the tasks and the risks involved.

Depending upon the opportunity, the viability of and projected successful scalability of a company, we may accept equity or the opportunity to buy certain forms of equity in exchange for our services. Detailed documentation, business audit, financial and legal review must be completed. Equity stake ranges from 6-9% depending on how much of our services are required, the business, industry and opportunity.

The applicable fee arrangement we agree upon will be defined in the engagement letter which reflects the fee arrangement between the parties.