About Us

Accelerate the process of sustainably growing & scaling your company by going from Owner-Reliant to Systems & Team Reliant so you can attract investment.

Mogul Chix is a global community and platform that works with Female Founders to strengthen & scale their companies, get them investment ready, and put them on the radar of the investment community. We’re not trying to change the conversation. We’re changing the playing field by preparing Female Founders and educating investors to increase the number of funded women led ventures, especially women of color, that have the potential to scale, grow and provide the best return on investor investments. We connect the dots for Female Founders to build strong companies, and bridge the gap between them and investors.

Once you’ve learned how to build a scalable company and gain traction that appeals to investors, only then will you be able to effectively pitch for funding. Mogul Chix provides structured business education, private events, access to channel partners, introductions to vetted investors, mentoring and advisory services, discounts on B2B services and resources, and strategic networking opportunities. We take a Founders First approach. And we provide training to the next angel investors. It’s not just about getting advice from women. It’s about getting the best advice from people with expertise who are equipped to guide them.


The Mogul Chix mission is simple. We are preparing female founded companies to grow, scale, and become investment ready. We help companies focus on growth and scalability, reaching profitability, perfecting customer acquisition & retention, sustainable revenue generation, and funding strategies to open more opportunities to ensure their companies are investment ready and positioned in front of the right investors. We’re helping more women entrepreneurs get funding, then teaching them how to fund other female founders to change the investment playing field and build wealth at the same time.


Mogul Chix has three defined clients.

  • Women entrepreneurs who are in the growth phase of business looking to scale, grow, expand and possibly seek investment dollars to aide in growth.

  • Investors looking to invest in growth companies with promise, pre-vetted, and female founded.

  • Women looking to build wealth through investing.

Women who identify with Mogul Chix don’t want a seat at the table. They want the table, the building and the block. They’re looking to build seven and eight figure companies, create jobs, make an impact in their industry and build on lasting wealth. They currently have a business, but want to accelerate to running a company that allows them freedom to focus on what’s important to them while having a competent team to manage the day to day. Their business may have survived until now but they know in order to get to new levels, they have to make sure it’s strong enough to survive growth

Mogul Chix by definition are high achieving women who are beyond startup but haven’t yet achieved scalable growth. And they need help in achieving it. They aren’t just looking for advice. They are looking for proven methods, strategies, resources and guidance to fill in the gaps. They have been in business at least 3 years, want to learn how to build a real company (think Spanx, OWN, Johnson & Johnson), has received little to no funding, want to get into new markets (possibly global), have limited connections, and most important, read to take action. Social media posts, groups, podcasts, books, coaching programs, and DIY courses no longer fulfill her or advance her agenda.

We serve clients in the following industries: professional services, consumer products, spa, waste management, government services, retail, real estate, architecture, construction, accounting/tax, consulting, beauty, fashion, insurance, fitness, food, media, financial services, travel/hospitality, legal, medical, publishing, technology or personal services.

She’s ready to make mogul moves and power plays.


We work with specific women entrepreneurs who fit the following criteria:

  • At least 51% Woman-Owned company

  • Minimum of 3 years in business

  • Minimum $1 million annual revenue (for advisory or consulting services)

  • Minimum $250K annual revenue (for accelerator, job board, strategy day or training)

  • Has a minimum budget of $7,500

  • Ready to begin within 30 days of Discovery Session

  • Ready for a team and/or growth


Mogul Chix are powerful, chic, driven female founders. They have experienced some success with their businesses, but struggle to achieve next level growth that will move them from having a business to running a profitable, scalable, opportunity producing company. They are ready to lead in their industries, but have encountered obstacles that interfere with their growth, scalability and ability to get funding. Those obstacles are usually because of mental blocks, ineffective or inefficient infrastructure to support growth, improper networks, lack of resources, or (more commonly) connections to get growth capital.

Adrienne Graham, Founder, Mogul Chix

Adrienne Graham, Founder & CEO Mogul Chix

Adrienne Graham is a badass Strategic Business Growth Advisor who helps grown ass businesswomen build grown ass companies. She is the very essence of a Serial Entrepreneur. She’s a disrupter not afraid to aim high & never wants to be the smartest person in the room. She saw there was a huge gap between the number of women founded companies and those getting investment dollars. She noticed an even deeper problem for women of color getting access to investment dollars. Knowing that building solid, sustainable growth companies was key to attracting investment dollars, she set out to create a platform and community for women to do just that.

Adrienne is the Founder of Mogul Chix, a global company and community for female founders and women entrepreneurs. She works with them to grow, scale & make their companies investment ready. She is a growth strategies consultant for high growth companies and works with clients in creating processes and strategies to effectively scale, run, grow and position their business for success. She created Mogul Chix Academy, a structured growth accelerator for female founders, Funding School, to prepare female founders to position their companies to pitch and have a better chance at receiving investment dollars, Mogul Chix Angels, to train women to become accredited angel investors, and Mogul Chix Ventures, an invitation-only fund for growth companies.

Armed with 24 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, Adrienne launched Mogul Chix in 2016. Her background includes staffing & HR, diversity, operations planning, product & service optimization, revenue planning, tech & digital platforms, customer experience design, training, fundraising, brand expansion, business growth strategy, global expansion planning and content production. Adrienne launched her very first company in 1994- a staffing agency. She has went on to run one more successful staffing company and Empower Me! Corporation (for which many people know her) a growth strategies consultancy, training and media company she ran for 16 years before starting Mogul Chix.

Adrienne is an investor, serial entrepreneur and avid techie dedicated to promoting inclusive diversity in the VC and startup community. She is steadily building her own empire one company at a time and has also founded Curvy Girl Closet, a shopping community for plus size fashionistas, Palm Tree Life Properties, a thriving real estate company, and is a co-owner of Bizy’s Place, a relationship and romance lifestyles brand.

She is a former mentor for the Straight Shot Accelerator in Omaha, NE, which helps guide startups into successfully launched ventures. Adrienne has been creating learning platforms for women in business, and hosted her own weekly radio show for 6 years called View From the Top Radio Show. She is a published author, speaker and former contributor to Forbes.


Advisory & Consulting Services

We offer a variety of private advisory and consulting services in areas including talent & staffing planing, operations strategies, customer experience, growth & expansion planning, product or service optimization, and fundraising strategy. Services start at $25,000.

Training & Education

Mogul Chix Academy is a 6 month growth accelerator designed to focus on specific growth related topics. In addition, there are workshops and mastery classes offered that focus on specific topics or issues facing business owners. There is also an annual weekend Strategy Retreat where we bring together a group of business women to focus on building and implementing strategies to grow their businesses.

Quick Analysis & Strategy

We recognize that everyone may not be able to take the leap into high end advisory and consulting services at first. Mogul Chix also provide affordable one off services including business model analysis, revenue model analysis and a business strategy day. These range between $750 – $7,500 and are one-time services.

Membership & Subscriptions

Mogul Chix offers a weekly Power Hour accountability call to subscribers. It is an ongoing call that is a paid subscription but free to members. We offer several membership options for those who want to take part in community benefits and offerings. Individuals may choose to join the General or Premium membership to take advantage of the many offerings. And we have a Angel Network membership available (basic or elite).


Mogul Chix is a place to celebrate Female Founders and the women led ventures that get funded, AND show that it does happen and can happen with work, connections, and lots of faith. By focusing on what’s not readily available and how VCs and angels are ignoring them, it takes away from the accomplishments of the women lead ventures that have succeeded. There’s a lot to be learned and it’s not enough to have books, videos and social media posts. You must be able to APPLY what you’ve learned in practical ways in order for your company to benefit and understand what must be done, how to do it, and with whom. Positive reinforcement and feedback are key to the successful community.