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It’s amazing that most people default to what the cost of services are before understanding the results they’ll get. We’re working hard to change that mindset, but it’s OK. Working with us is an investment in your business and professional growth. As such, we prefer to offer transparency in our pricing and our options to ensure clients can make the best informed decision.

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Fee Options

We provide high-quality growth strategies consulting services to our clients. While a majority of our clients are in growth mode and have allocated solid budgets for our services, and are capable of paying for our services under a traditional engagement model, some clients, particularly in the startup/early funding stage, need a bit more flexibility with options. For established companies, we have per project, retainer and package rates that are commensurate with the quality and sophistication of the services we provide. For select emerging/startup companies, we may offer non-traditional fee structures that accommodate the client’s circumstances and appropriately allocate the risk. Keep in mind that as each client’s needs are different, there is no one-size-fits-all package or range of packages.

Payment Options

We accept credit, debit, and Paypal. Cash is not accepted with the exception of purchase of merchandise sold at events. We accept payments online only. Payments can be automated, which is our preference. Special arrangements are made available for international clients. Corporate clients are billed on terms Net 14 (no exceptions), with a 1% discount if paid in full, early.

Fee Options

Here are the available fee arrangements that we offer for our services:
Fixed fee arrangements for defined tasks and projects, strategy sessions/days, and implementation projects. PPF Fees are calculated when we can appropriately define the scope of a project with its anticipated contingencies and appropriately attach a fixed fee for the time from inception to completion.
Certain services are designed so clients can make monthly installment payments. Clients may also opt for Monthly Payments for certain services.  In special cases, we will allow bi-weekly installment payments on an approved basis.
Retainer arrangements are for projects with ongoing on-call support with certain parameters such as scope of representation and the maximum hours per retainer period. Projects that require Retainer Fees include Interim Leader (Director, COO, Entrepreneur in Residence, etc), Recruiting, and any project where our staff members are required to become an extension representing your company.
Milestone fee arrangements are similar to a Pay-As-You-Go model. available for the completion of tasks that have defined completion requirements. Milestone fee arrangements are often combined with hourly rate or retainer arrangements depending upon the tasks and the risks involved.
Depending upon the opportunity, the viability of and projected successful scalability of a company, we may accept equity or the opportunity to buy certain forms of equity in exchange for our services. Detailed documentation, business audit, financial and legal review must be completed. Equity stake ranges from 6-9% depending on how much of our services are required, the business, industry and opportunity.
The applicable fee arrangement we agree upon will be defined in the engagement letter which reflects the fee arrangement between the parties.



We love working with enthusiastic clients ready to do big things and make big changes in the name of growth. However, we do not and will not work with everybody. 


If working with us will cause any undue hardship or require you to leverage yourself and/or assets and credit putting you in financial jeopardy, we will not work with you. We understand that it takes money and investment to make money. But within responsible planning and appropriation. 


More often than not, services provided by Mogul Chix produce an increase in revenue and business stability. And often times it takes a few weeks to months to start seeing measurable results. Nothing happens over night. If you financial health can withstand that timeline without undue financial strain, we will gladly work with you. If not, we suggest you focus on generating consistent revenue first before considering working with us. 


Before any contracts or agreements are signed, we will sit down and assess your current financial situation to determine the best course of action.


Thank you for understanding.


Web Designer 73%
Web Designer 85%
Communication Skills
Web Designer 60%

Pricing Plan

The pricing will vary depending on the complexity of your issue
and the type of business you are running.

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