Get Recruited: Secrets From A Top Recruiter On Using Unconventional Tactics To Get Noticed In An Inconvenient Economy


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Let’s face it. The last few years were bad years for the job seeker. Companies were laying off, closing divisions and downsizing departments. The economy tanked and the unemployment rate rose dramatically. People are in reactionary mode, which means they are applying for any and every job. But the savvy job seeker knows that in order to be successful, they have to go against the grain and step out of the box to be noticed.

In Get Recruited: Secrets from a Top Recruiter on Using Unconventional Tactics to Get Noticed in an Inconvenient Economy, author and top Recruiter Adrienne Graham shows you how to go from looking for work to having recruiters and hiring managers come looking for YOU. Because of the ratio of applicants to openings is so high, you have to be strategic to beat out the competition. Whether you’re a recent grad or a high level executive, if you strategically position yourself, recruiters will come looking for you.

This book explores the many options available to help you Get Recruited including:

* identifying your true goals for your career,

* the 3 P's to building a great brand (packaging, positioning, presenting),

* strategic marketing tactics to get you noticed,

* tapping into your network to build REAL connections of value to you,

* tactics to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers,

* and creating a strategy that will keep you desirable in an undesirable market

Not limiting an action plan to just social networking, Graham shares traditional and non-traditional methods that have worked for businesses as well as individual brands. With the right tools, message and formula, not only will you be off the market in no time, but you’ll have multiple offers to choose from.

So stop looking, and Get Recruited!

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