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If you're not getting exceptional candidates, then your process is probably broken.

Hiring employees can be the best or worst decision you'll make for your company. Finding the right talent is more than collecting resumes and screening application answers. And if you don't know what you're doing, your hire could turn into a costly headache. It takes patience and practice. Stop settling on bodies to fill positions when you can learn how to pick and choose the RIGHT candidates to hire.

Learn how to:

– Ask questions that will demonstrate the true skill & competency of a candidate

– Tricks to get candidates comfortable to have an open dialog

– Know how to recover and move on from awkward answers

– The 4 types of interview questions & how to design effective interviews for each type

– How & why you should set up an interview team

– Create an interview that will bring out the best in candidates

– Learn how to structure questions for maximum impact

– Discover candidate "tells" that let you know if they are right for the position

– How to determine fit for a different position

– Questions to avoid to keep you out of legal jeopardy

– The do's and don'ts of controlling the interview flow

Attend this workshop and learn how to identify top talent (and hire them) and walk confidently into your next interview. If you have a professional services, professional association, consumer products, retail, real estate, legal, medical, financial, media, publishing, entertainment, consulting, fitness, food, tech or personal services company, I want to see you at this workshop.


* Live Workshop (live interactive webcast)

* Interview scripts

* Access to private group

* 90 days email support

Register today. It'll be the best investment you can make this year. Ready to build your team?


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